*A 30ish mile / 7 Stage Point to Point Enduro of fast, flowing, ripping, single track. Some of the highest speed of the season! 26 miles of single track & 6 miles of scenic dirt roads. All distances are approximate *Route may vary depending on weather or unforeseen circumstances. *Time Limit 8 Hrs.

*RACE DIRECTION: Trail will be heading EAST.  New for 2019, shorter, Enduro specific route with Enduro specific lines!

*SHUTTLE: All riders will be shuttled from Echo Canyon Resort to the starting point of their event. The Finsh will be at Echo Canyon.

*Enduro will start @ Joplin trail head.

*$2550 in Enduro. Top 5  Pro men: 500,400,300,200,100  Top 5 Pro Women: 400,300,200,100,50

*Top 3 in each class recognized.

*Event raffle to all participants

*Event Swag

*Post race meal

*Post race beverages


Fast time 3-4 hrs, Avg 5, Adventure pace 7 hrs  *Time Limit 8 Hrs.

AID: AID: Miles 4 Aid stations. Mileage of each updated later.

Approx stage info: (stage) Drop/Distance: (s1)205ft/1.2mi.- (s2)350ft/1mi.- (s3)500ft/1.4mi.- (s4)170/.5mi -(s5)170/.7mi.-(s6)620Ft/2.2mi. -(s7)600ft/2.4mi

NOTE: Be prepared, but don’t let the distance scare you from this fun day. Climbing in only 3000 ft, less then 100 ft per mile and the trail moves fast. Will have ample support to complete this awesome day on the bike.

Euduro does not do the 5 mile start loop and finishes 32ish miles later, approximately mile marker 37 of marathon.  There will be 2 separate shuttle pick up points.